Office For Trade Promotion

The Office for Trade Promotion (OTP) understands that the most effective way to broaden the base of U.S. exporters is to provide a central forum where the entities can gather to collaborate and acquire the advocacy, expertise and customized assistance they need to confidently compete in markets around the world.

For this reason, the OTP partners with an extended network of public and private-sector organizations to ensure the ITC offers a rich mixture of signature events such as high-profile economic summits, multi-day conferences, cultural exchanges, networking luncheons and educational workshops. These initiatives foster international dialogue, generate business opportunities and raise public awareness of the economic benefits that can be realized through trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Partnerships

The Office for Trade Promotion works collaboratively with government agencies, World Trade Centers, embassies, industry groups and the business community to increase the breadth and depth of its advocacy. This synergistic approach to customer service substantially extends the OTP’s media outreach, promotions channels, logistical capabilities and resources.

Center For International Business Education & Research

The CIBER Program was created by Congress to foster international understanding and enhance the ability of American businesses to prosper in the world economy.

Meridian International Center

Meridian International Center, founded in 1960, is a leading non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening international understanding through the exchange of people, ideas and culture. Its mission is achieved through public and cultural diplomacy including leadership exchanges and cultural exhibitions.

The U.S. Commercial Service

As a participant in the U.S. Commercial Service Strategic Partnership Initiative, the OTP has immediate access to trade specialists located in offices throughout the United States and in more than 80 countries. The Commercial Service’s unique mix of trade expertise, governmental influence and worldwide reach, enables the OTP to provide event partners unprecedented exposure and vital links to potential partners.

Washington International Trade Association (WITA)

WITA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization providing a neutral forum for the open and robust discussion of trade policy and related issues. WITA educates and connects the Washington DC trade community, and is widely recognized as ‘Washington’s premier trade forum’.

Cultural Tourism DC

Cultural Tourism DC is an independent coalition of more than 230 culture, heritage, and community-based member organizations. Cultural Tourism DC and its members develop, deliver, and celebrate experiences that are authentic to Washington.

National Council On U.S.-Arab Relations

Founded in 1983, the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (NCUSAR) is an American non-profit, non-governmental, educational organization dedicated to improving American knowledge and understanding of the Arab world. NCUSAR seek to enhance American awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the Arab countries, the Mideast, and the Islamic world.

The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA)

As a member of the WTCA, a not-for-profit and non-political organization, the OTP can rely on a highly-skilled and responsive network of experts representing 330 World Trade Centers in 100 countries spanning the globe. There are more than 750,000 companies worldwide affiliated with the WTCA.

Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars

The Wilson Center is the official memorial to our nation’s 28thpresident. The Center is “a living memorial,” a gathering place for some of the best and brightest scholars and experts from around the world. Through public meetings and events, broadcast media and social media, publications in print and online, and a wide range of outreach activities, the Wilson Center is engaged in the global dialogue of ideas.