As the official World Trade Center Washington, DC we help our clients develop events that connect nations and cultures, foster international dialogue, generate business opportunities and raise awareness about the economic benefits that can be realized through trade. Our global network through the World Trade Centers Association connects us to 750,000 affiliated businesses, spanning 330 trade centers, in over 100 countries. Example of events include trade programs such as international delegations, policy forums and business briefings as well as cultural events including cultural diplomacy, Winternational Embassy Showcase and national day celebrations. Allow us to help expand your reach and make a global impact.

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Real Events

From galas, receptions and weddings to meetings, conferences and everything in between, our building plays host to a wide array of spectacular events. Take a look at some of our recent events and see how our experienced staff pulls together every detail to ensure each one is impactful.




Watch Andrew Gelfuso, VP of Trade Promotion, for the Reagan Building interview ambassadors, trade representatives and other dignitaries to discuss global economics and business policy. Learn what world leaders have to say about all things trade and commerce.


TradeWinds is published by the Office for Trade Promotion and is the official newsletter for the International Trade Center. Highlighting trade events and activities at the Reagan Building, this publication provides an intimate look at the people and policies that drive global commerce.


Capital Trade Guide is a guide to Washington’s international trade resources. Check it out and explore the guide!

IPR cover

The International Program Report provides a snapshot of annual activities, partnerships and programs of the International Trade Center. Take a look and learn more about the international trade community in Washington, DC.

Strategic Partnerships